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Kim’s expertise will deliver success even in the most intricate markets. Each scenario is distinct and demands a customized approach.

I personally pledge to—

I personally pledge to—


Evaluate the market and provide you with a complete marketing analysis and provide an opinion of value for your property.


Prepare your property for the market with a tailored and strategic marketing plan.


I’m committed to selling your home, enabling you to focus on the future with confidence.

Sell your home

List with confidence

Kim delivers an unwavering commitment to see you succeed and your investments pay off. Regain confidence and control when selling with Kim.

Stay In Control

Kim’s guidance help maintain control through the journey.

Feel Confident

Feel assured and confident with every decision.

Be Prepared

Kim will equip you with the expertise and tools from the start.

The selling process

Designed to instil confidence with every decision.

Kim is on your side to deliver a tailored approach that brings clarity and confidence when selling your home.


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Frequently asked questions

How do I determine the right asking price for my home or cottage?
This question often tops the list, when seeking guidance on setting an optimal asking price. Answers include a detailed market analysis, recent comparable sales, and advice from a local real estate agent who knows the area.
During the listing consultation it may be recommended that staging your home would be beneficial. There are different levels of staging, and we work with you to identify what level is appropriate. There is no additional fee for staging, it is included in our services.
The average days are market is highly dependent on market conditions at that time. This information would be shared with you in a listing consultation. We work with you, to sell your home or cottage in the least amount of time for the most amount of money.

This is where price and marketing efforts come into play. Consistent communication between you and I will ensure that we stay on top of what the market is doing and avoid “chasing the market”.
Should I make any renovations or improvements before listing my property?
You may wonder if investing in upgrades will increase the property’s value and appeal. The answer can depend on the property’s condition, market trends, and potential return on investment. This is something covered in a listing consultation along with other suggestions that will best showcase your property.
Sellers often seek clarity on legal aspects, such as required disclosures, contracts, and potential liabilities. An overview of legal considerations can help you navigate these aspects with confidence.

Have more questions? Perhaps you can find an answer on our FAQ page.

Get the guidance you’ve been looking for.

You should never feel powerless in real estate. Feel inspired and accomplished when you buy and sell with Kim.