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The Nutty Chocolatier



The Nutty Chocolatier, Huntsville, ON

The Nutty Chocolatier, Huntsville, ON

When you walk down Main Street in Huntsville it’s hard to miss The Nutty Chocolatier. Known for its ice cream, chocolate, candy bars and so much more, it’s become a local staple within the community. Apart from its wonderful sweets and treats, its ability to spark memories you’d completely forgotten about is something special. Enjoyed by kids and adults alike, the shop has something for everyone. Learn more about their story below! 

Q: What is the story behind The Nutty Chocolatier? How long has your business been operating in Muskoka?

The Nutty Chocolatier has been open for 25 years, becoming a staple in the downtown Huntsville community. Owned and operated by Nancy Wenger, the vast but quaint 2,100 square-foot shop is packed full of delicious surprises. Whether you’re a kid interested in a scoop of ice cream or an adult looking for your favourite ‘remember when’ sweet treat, you’ll find it at the Nutty Chocolatier. 

Q: What is your connection to the Huntsville community and the Muskoka region? Why did you decide to open The Nutty Chocolatier here?

Wenger grew up as a cottager in the Muskoka region and decided to raise her young family here, moving to the community in the 90s with the goal of starting her own business that her family could grow with and be a part of. With the love of chocolate behind her, The Nutty Chocolatier seemed like a good fit! Since then, Wenger has expanded the business, adapting to changing tastes and evolving with trends – including sugar and gluten-free options. 

Q: Where did your passion for sweets begin? 

“Probably as soon as I could eat,” Wenger joked. Adding that she has always had a sweet tooth, along with her children who also enjoy their treats. In fact, Wenger fondly remembers going into Huntsville on Saturday nights to watch Lacross games and hitting up the local convenience store for penny candies.

Q: Does The Nutty Chocolatier make any of its sweets in-house? 

All of the chocolate found within the 2,100 square-foot location is made in-house by The Nutty Chocolatier, with other items imported from all over the world. No matter what the season, Christmas, Valentines Day, Easter, etc., The Nutty Chocolatier specializes in crafting traditional items you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

Q: The Nutty Chocolatier is a magical place for everyone, no matter the age. How would you describe the in-store experience and atmosphere?

Old-fashion, nostalgic and warm are just a few words that come to mind when describing the in-store experience at The Nutty Chocolatier. From the original hardwood floors to the rich aroma this local candy shop has something for everyone to enjoy, whether chocolate, fudge, jellybeans, old-school candies and treats and so much more. 

While exploring The Nutty Chocolatier visitors are greeted with rekindled moments and memories. It could be the hard candies their Nana used to eat, liquorice pipes their Dad used to enjoy or the classic Wonka Bar from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It’s truly a special place to many people for many different reasons. 


Q: The Nutty Chocolatier is known for its beautiful Belgian Chocolates and delicious truffles. Can you share a few other speciality items your store carries? 

Wenger tries her best to create a personal experience for everyone who walks into The Nutty Chocolatier. The Wonka Bar, Jellybelly’s and Ice Cream are shop favourites, however, it also has speciality sections from around the world. These sought after sections include a British and Dutch candy section, which Wenger continues to expand on. Taking speciality requests from all customers who visit, Wenger has a personal commitment to satisfying everyone’s sweet tooth – and even has a book to jot down items customers are on the hunt for. 

Q: How does the Muskoka region influence what items you carry at The Nutty Chocolatier? 

While many items are imported from around the world, The Nutty Chocolatier supports local businesses and incorporates them into the store as much as possible. The latest local item to come into the shop are Muskoka Puzzles, made by a local artist in Haliburton. 

Q: Can you tell us about what community means to you? 

“Everything, simply everything,” says Wenger. The Nutty Chocolatier and Wenger have become ingrained into the community. Adding that one of her favourite community give-backs is hosting the yearly Easter Egg Hunt for children at the Muskoka Heritage Place, where Wenger and her family hide 12,000 eggs for the community to enjoy. 

“It’s all about giving back to the community that has supported and given to me throughout the years.”