Trending Housing Changes in 2022

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We Can Always Count on Change!


One thing we can always count on is change.

Change in the seasons.

Change in weather.

Change in careers. 

Change in life stages.

Change in Real Estate!

Housing trends have changed over the past few years, heightened by the ongoing pandemic. With these changes, three trends appear to stand out. These include comfort, function and character. 


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The Comfort of Your Home


Home comfort is represented by smooth lines and soft, comfortable materials. 

Many of us spent more time at home over the past couple of years, and with that came a shift in perspective as we endured more time sitting and looking at our four walls. Time at home presented an opportunity to change the furniture to comfy plush couches, update dining rooms, purchase new mattresses, replace bedding and more. While at it, why don’t we freshen up the walls with a new paint colour! The home was a refuge. A place where we could control our environment and, more importantly, how we wanted it to make us feel.


Functional Spaces in 2022


The functionality of space became vital for some. 

Over the past few years, our homes have become a place of work, schooling, and pleasure, and with no end in sight, they evolved with us so we could continue to enjoy life within our four walls. Some additions that became increasingly desired included a home office or gym. For those in condos, the elevators alone became a massive nuisance, not to mention the confinement of limited square footage. From a real estate perspective, this was a huge proponent of the surge in the suburbs and rural markets. People needed space, whether that represented square footage, land or both. 

As we settle back into life, people are beginning to head back into the office, travel, and adjust to a new sense of normalcy. Home offices and gyms do not appear at the forefront anymore, so the size of homes people are looking for is likely to experience an impact. 


Personal Home Preference


Our homes hold character.

Since spending more time at home, and perhaps with the combination of comfort and functional elements, homes showcase character. After all, they are more often than not a reflection of our own personal character traits: style, organization, and eclectic, to name a few. These elements of character start at the curb and end in the backyard. Whether you have a green thumb and love colour or are a little more subdued and maintenance-minded where ferns are your plant of choice, there is no right or wrong. Your home should reflect you and those in it.

One of the wonderful things I love about what I do is visiting people’s homes and seeing how their home reflects who they are. I am not judging, trust me! I only observe and evaluate how I can best prepare you and your home for the next new, exciting chapter in your life.