It’s time to sort the junk drawer!

Organized Living


De-cluttering and organizing are important steps in the pre-listing process, but it can feel overwhelming. Having a place to start can help build momentum to tackle the bigger projects.


When enough is enough


Confession: I remember before my urge to purge and embracing a more clutter free life, I not only had one junk drawer, I had a few…along with overstuffed closets!


My epiphany came when one day I was cleaning up for guests and throwing “stuff” into my closets. This hidden clutter made me anxious, and the realization hit me (while opening my closet) that my desire to live with clarity and intention meant that I had to deal with what was literally cluttering up my life.



Assessing what could stay and what needed to go in that first drawer, provided the momentum I needed to make changes in all areas.  Fast-forward a year later, I was getting ready to move and so thankful for the time I invested into clearing the clutter. Packing was so much easier and less stressful knowing that I was only bringing what I use, need and enjoy into my new home.


Conquer the overwhelm


Hiding small things from plain view can be tempting, but gradually these things can grow into an overwhelming amount of clutter. Consider your reason behind this “outta sight outta mind” behaviour.


Are you dumping stuff in a drawer to deal with it later?


Procrastination… Avoidance… Embarrassment…


Are you keeping things for the day you might need it? Such as the button bundle that came with the shirt you just bought?


Scarcity… Greed… Anxiety…


What would happen if you only filled the drawer with things you used, with a place for everything?


Abundance… Confidence… Pride of ownership…


How would that make you feel?


Free… Content… Hopeful…


Start with something small


The key word here is start.


Waiting until 30 days before closing is not the time to clear the clutter. You do not need the added stress. Less mess = less stress.


Use penholders, a bowl for elastics, one pair of scissors, one roll of tape, you get the idea.  Sort the bills, recycle the flyers, and most importantly, if there is no immediate intended use, get rid of it.


1.    Start with pulling everything out of the drawer and lay everything out on the counter.


2.    Insert box organizers or dividers.


3.    ONLY put in what you use.


Finish this first drawer, and you may find yourself feeling inspired to carry on throughout the home.


New habits, new home


Clearing and sorting your junk drawer(s) can be life changing! Motivation fuelled by positive momentum will develop new habits. So whether you are prepping to list your house or not, the best-case scenario is that you have a clean, organized home!