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Here in Muskoka:

Gus and Gigi’s


This month we chatted with Tara, the owner of Gus and Gigi’s Pet Shoppe, a family-owned pet boutique located in Huntsville. Dedicated to providing healthy food, supplements, treats and toys for our furry family members, read their story below!

Interviewee: Tara

Q: Gus and Gigi’s has a heartfelt, inspiring story. Can you share that with us?

The store’s name came to fruition from our former dog Gus and our former cat, Gigi. Both of these beautiful pets came into our lives from the SPCA in Huntsville at the time. Gus was a black and tan coonhound found wandering on a side road. Gigi was found by a couple in the woods. My partner, Tim would go to the SPCA and walk Gus for 3 months before he was able to bring him home. From there an amazing bond formed.

It was shortly after Gigi made her way to our home and Gus and Gigi instantly became family. They adventured together for 8 years with endless walks on our trails and races to the front door. We had an unfortunate event take place, where a fisher took our Gigi and from that day forward, Gus was never the same. We knew his heart was broken and with great sadness, we said goodbye to Gus 3 months later. The love and bond they shared, we felt had to be shared so we decided to open Gus & Gigi’s Pet Shoppe.

Q: Why did you decide to open Gus and Gigi’s in Huntsville?

We decided to open Gus and Gigi’s in Huntsville for a few reasons. First and foremost, we are passionate about pets! Secondly, with my background in nutrition. In addition to having a new puppy, I felt there was a need to open our store with a holistic approach to pet health. I also was a Huntsville resident and I know how active and health-focused Muskoka residents are with their pets, so I felt it was a great fit.

Q: How does Gus and Gigi choose what products to carry in-store?

We are very particular at Gus and Gigi’s with the products we bring in. From our food, treats, and supplements, to our toys and accessories, we are committed to bringing in the best of the best. We always look at the quality of the ingredients, to where and how products are made. We also are committed to supporting other local small pet businesses and carry a great selection of treats, supplements and accessories from them.

Q: Tara, your background is as a Nutritionist. Can you tell us how that plays into owning a pet store and the products you offer?

I have a holistic nutrition background. This includes 25 years working with the health of people and the last 6 years with pets. While the two are very different, there are also a lot of similarities with respect to making sure the quality of food, treats and supplements, are highly nutritious and appropriate to thrive.

Q: What is the most important thing about pet health?

I’ve always believed a loving home is where pet health all begins. Where there is love, most often the family is committed to the key factors of pet health like proper nutrition, exercise and communication with their pets.

Q: What does the Muskoka community mean to Gus and Gigi’s?

The Muskoka community is such an integral part of Gus and Gigi’s. People in our area embrace their pets as family members. We feel like we are part of their families. We get to know our customers very well. It’s part of being a small local business. We truly care about our customer’s needs and wants and do our best to deliver and exceed their expectations. Our team is committed to educating ourselves as well as our customers to the best of our ability with everything we carry in the store.

Q: What are some of your favourite things to do in the Muskoka region?

We are so fortunate to live in such a beautiful place here in Muskoka! Some of my favourite things to do is go on adventures find different lakes and hike all of the different trails around the area, with my dog Jethro, of course! I also, really enjoy our community events downtown Huntsville and the shops and restaurants. It’s great to be able to shop with your dog. Only in Muskoka!