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Greystone Project Management is a leading builder and local community investor in central Ontario and the Muskoka region. Dedicated to providing superior workmanship, they deliver buildings that reflect the architectural style of Muskoka. To date, the company has completed many staple projects across the region including Bracebridge Fire Hall, Wolfe Co, and Bigwin Golf Course Club Cottages. Their team prides itself on being a part of the community and “Building Muskoka”. Learn more about this growing, community-focused builder below!

Q: What is the story behind Greystone?

Since 1995, Greystone has specialized in commercial, institutional, and multi-residential construction. About 15 years ago, we saw the need for multi-unit residential buildings in Muskoka, offering residents amenities such as underground parking, party rooms, and walking trails. Since then, we have launched our forward-thinking community condominium projects, while continuing to construct many of Muskoka’s most prominent buildings. This projects include car dealerships, fire halls, and many of the newer structures along Main St. in Huntsville

Q: What is your connection to the Huntsville community and the Muskoka region?

We are fully entrenched in our community. Our offices are here, our team members are from Muskoka, and we place a heavy emphasis on giving back to our community through the donations we make to the Huntsville Hospital Foundation (in addition to other notable causes such as youth sports, and more). Our people-centric culture is inspired by our care for the citizens of Muskoka, and our designs are deeply rooted in the inspiration we draw from the beauty of our natural surroundings throughout the Muskoka region.

Q: What types of projects does the company specialize in?

Greystone specializes in large-scale commercial and multi-unit residential developments. Campus Trails is our latest development in Huntsville, driven by our vision of designing and building a contemporary community connected to nature, boasting all the amenities you would expect to find in modern condominiums, surrounded by natural forest (with views of Fairy Lake beyond). Construction at Campus Trails is well underway, with Phase 1 completed and the completion of Phase 2 on the horizon.


Q: Greystone’s vision is to become the leading builder in central Ontario, a local community investor and employer of choice. What sets you apart from other custom builders in the Muskoka region?

The passionate, creative, and talented minds behind our projects set us apart from the other custom builders in Muskoka. Our integrated team of engineers, project managers, and skilled employees are “on the job,” from start to completion of every project – and we aren’t scared of scale. We have the resources to complete large commercial and residential projects, which balance community + environmental considerations, with the quality required for a building to last for many generations.

Q: Tell us more about the team that supports Greystone? What type of opportunities do you offer your employees?

As a team-driven company, we deeply care about the safety of our employees while offering them the rewarding experience of working on large-scale projects that transform our communities. In return, we can rely on our team members to overcome all the challenges that building in Muskoka has to offer while delivering top quality on our projects.

(We’re always looking for talented project managers and coordinators, carpenters, and labourers to join the growing Greystone family.)

Q: Can you tell us about what community means to you?

Greystone’s sense of community comes from the pride we take in being part of something bigger than ourselves. We consider the projects that transform our community settings our biggest achievements because they create new spaces for everyone to enjoy. As we mentioned, we give back to the community we love by supporting youth sports, helping the hospital foundation raise funds for better healthcare, and more.

Q: What staple projects has the company completed in the Muskoka region?

Some staple projects you may have seen (or visited) include:

  • Campus Trails
  • Arrowhead Park Visitor Centre
  • Tarrison Centre
  • Wolfe Co.
  • Active Living Centre
  • Paget House
  • Bracebridge Fire Hall
  • Lake of Bays Township Office
  • Ron Henry Jewellers
  • Edmonds GM
  • Shoppers Drug Mart Huntsville
  • Robinson Plaza
  • Muskoka Bay Clubhouse
  • Bigwin Island Club Cabins

Q: What are some of your favourite things to do in the Muskoka region? What are your favourite places to visit?

We love spending time in nature. On our lakes, in our forests, and enjoying everything our Parks (Arrowhead and Algonquin, for example).  You can find many of our team members at community events, attending youth sports, or simply out and about “on the town” visiting many of the commercial spaces we’ve built in Huntsville and the surrounding areas.