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Here in Muskoka:
The Cutter’s Edge


The Cutter's Edge, a multi-generational family business that has been a part of the Muskoka community for over 30 years.

The Cutter’s Edge, Huntsville

The Cutter’s Edge is a multi-generational family business that has been a part of the Muskoka community for over 30 years. What started as a carpentry hobby in 1987 has now transformed into a thriving business with four locations – Burk’s Falls, North Bay and Verner and Huntsville. Now the region’s experts in handcrafted, solid wood furniture, have evolved into a full-service home furniture, fashion and decor business. Discover the story behind The Cutter’s Edge and what it means to be one leading craftsman in the Muskoka region.

Q: Tell us a little bit about The Cutter’s Edge and how your journey started?

The Cutter’s Edge was launched in 1987 starting in a century-old barn in Burk’s Falls. Through decades of passion and development, The Cutter’s Edge has expanded its showrooms and offerings to include custom millwork and furniture, home decor and fashion.

Q: Can you tell me a little more about the Huntsville community? Why did you decide to open the Cutter’s Edge store here?

We have always enjoyed working with our clients in the Muskoka region, so when the opportunity came up to build a brand new expansive showroom right in Huntsville, we felt it was the right time to become more accessible. We love the mixture of homes and cottages we furnish in this region as there is so much diversity in clients’ visions for their spaces, from rustic to modern and everything in between!

Q: How does the Muskoka region influence your designs, decor and artistic style?

We love to draw from the natural elements in Muskoka and really embrace the natural beauty of our surroundings. Our furniture is made of solid wood which offers timeless durability and the organic reflection of our outdoors. We complement our furniture with a large offering of leather and upholstered furniture and home decor. We add warmth and flair to our designs through beautiful rugs and artwork. Our artwork features natural elements such as trees, feathers, water, rocks etc, as well as a wide range of animal wildlife.

Q: Can you tell us about what community means to you as a local craftsman in a small town?

We are very passionate about our community and are proud to offer a product that can be passed from generation to generation. We have clients who have been with us on our journey for the last 34 years and it’s a pleasure to see their lives expand through children and grandchildren. Our clients become extended family, and we strongly believe in treating them as such. We are a company that will always stand behind our product and go the extra mile to ensure satisfaction as we are all neighbours and friends!

Q: You’ve seen amazing growth with The Cutter’s Edge since making the move in 1987. What has that process been like?

The growth process has been phenomenal. We absolutely love what we do and the people we employ who help us to build and expand our business. Every day is a creative process to develop new ideas, new products and new inspiration! While growth has always been in our business plan, it is actually more of a byproduct of our passion to evolve and create living spaces that people love to come home to!

Q: What is your in-store experience like? How would you describe the atmosphere?

When we were developing our vision for our Muskoka store, we wanted to create an oasis for our clients to walk into and instantly feel welcomed and at home! We were not traditional in our approach when painting the store walls and ceilings black, but our intention was to come to Huntsville and offer an experience that didn’t already exist. We wanted an elevated and swanky showroom, but with a product that was accessible to all budgets. We pushed our boundaries to create a unique showroom showcasing vignettes for those who have a difficult time envisioning our product in their homes.

Q: What types of projects in the community really excite you? Do you prefer working with small-business owners or residential clients with a new cottage build? Can you give us a teaser of any upcoming projects that are really exciting to you?

Whether a project is commercial, residential, through a builder, or directly with the homeowner, we are always excited to hear a vision for a space and help make it become a reality! Because so much of what we do is custom, we have the ability to really curate a space precisely to a client’s needs. Our design services range from homes, cottages, condos, office space, rentals to model homes. Each project carries its own potential and we love walking through the process with our clients to guide them to a cohesive design plan.

Q: What are some of your favourite things to do in the Muskoka region? What are your favourite places to visit?

We love to explore Muskoka in all its splendour, from the natural beauty of trails, waterways and lookouts, to enjoying the phenomenal cuisine offered in our community!

Q: You’ve grown from a small craftsman to now additionally offering decor and fashion, and have recently expanded online! What’s next for The Cutter’s Edge?

All of our growth has been organic, and we expect it to continue this way. We believe that if it is not birthed through passion, that it won’t be sustainable or inspiring to our clients. We often get asked about opening more showrooms, and while we would love to be everywhere, we feel there is still so much potential within our existing showrooms to explore, and we strive for a level of excellence that can be difficult to deliver when our resources are spread too thin.

Every day we are expanding our product offerings and aiming to maintain showrooms that are fresh and new every time our clients come back to visit us. When the time is right we may look into additional showrooms, but for now, we are just feeling so thankful and blessed to be where we are, and through a little logistical creativity, our more southern and northern clients have access to our services. We recently performed design services in Windsor and Kapuskasing, an 11.5-hour stretch, so anything is possible!