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From organizing, to home decor, to staging your next move, CC Interiors can help make any space feel more calming and enjoyable. Owned and operator by Christina Carr, CC Interiors has recently celebrated its 1-year anniversary, although Christina’s experience in the industry extends way beyond. Based in Muskoka, this female lead business specializes in home staging for realtors, and interior decorating and design. Learn more about CC Interiors and how they can help you declutter, design and refresh your space!

Q: Can you tell us more about CC Interiors and the services you provide? 

Ever since completing my schooling, I have been passionately working in the interior decorating and design industry. When the pandemic hit, my perspective changed and I knew it was time to be bold and start CC Interiors. With the goal of being my own boss and running my own business, I finally decided to step out on my own and have just celebrated my 1-year anniversary with CC Interiors. Working closely with realtors, homeowners and local businesses, we offer home staging, interior decorating, interior design and home editing/organization.

Q: What is your connection to the Huntsville community and the Muskoka region? Why did you decide to open your business here?

Sixteen years ago I moved to the community of Huntsville and have grown to love it more through each stage of my life. With my strong community connections, relationships and love for Muskoka, it was a no brainer to start CC Interiors here. Muskoka cultivates a lot of inspiration for me in both my work life and personal life. The atmosphere provides so much inspiration that I am lucky to pull my interior design ideas together from!


Q: What types of projects does CC Interiors specialize in? 

CC Interiors works on a multitude of different projects which vary from client to client. Most of my projects typically fall into two categories – home staging for realtors, and interior decorating and design.

Home staging for realtors includes:

  • organizing inventory,
  • furniture and decor,
  • staging and de-staging,
  • tidying, and
  • working with local companies in the process.

In order to be relevant in this industry, real estate agents need to offer staging as a service for sellers. Including staging in your package as a realtor keeps you competitive and demonstrates to sellers that you are working to showcase their homes in the best light to get them the highest price possible.

Interior decorating and design includes:

  • picking finishes,
  • textiles,
  • furnishing,
  • lighting and
  • decor in order to completely transform client spaces.

It brings me so much joy to put together rooms and see the finishing touches come together. Whether it be a refresh, renovation, or new build, I am here to help you make your dream space come to life.

Q: Where does your passion for home organization, decluttering and home staging stem from?

After graduating high school, I knew I wanted to travel and I had an amazing opportunity to live abroad in Fiji. When I returned home I didn’t know what my next move was but I did know that I wanted to be hands-on, creative, busy on my feet, and connect with new people.

Ultimately I chose Interior Decorating at Georgian College in Barrie. Barrie was the perfect location for me because after living so far away in Fiji, it allowed me to stay closer to family, friends and the Muskoka community. As for my love of decorating and design, I have loved the home industry my entire life as I was surrounded by it ever since I can remember. My parents build and design homes and as a child I loved watching them work. I was of course also inspired by my love for home transformation and organization shows like HGTV and The Home Edit.

Q: What is your typical design aesthetic? Does come from personal preferences or is every client different based on their preference and style?

Every client is totally different but I believe that the style I put out through my social media ultimately is how I acquire different opportunities. I would say that how I portray my business and my style has everything to do with the clientele that I attract. I would describe my overalls design aesthetic as modern farmhouse meets minimalistic Muskoka rustic.

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Q: What advice would you give to someone looking to declutter their home?

I always tell my clients that if something in your home isn’t either an everyday necessity or doesn’t bring you happiness then it’s time to either sell or donate it. If an item reminds you of a special memory but you no longer have the space or want to keep it, take a photo of it so you have a piece of it forever. If something doesn’t enhance your life then it isn’t benefiting you and is ultimately cluttering your home.

Purging and making money on something you no longer use always makes us feel so good! My clients have told me that when they declutter it’s like a weight literally being lifted off their shoulders. It has been proven that when you come home to a clean and organized space you will feel more at peace, relaxed and be able to put your focus on more important things.

Q: Can you tell us about what community means to you? 

The Muskoka community means so much to me and is an integral part of CC Interiors. I love supporting people who help raise each other up and support one another. It’s also really important to me to surround myself with people who have a similar mindset to me. I love people who have positive attitudes and who aren’t afraid to put themselves out there and follow their dreams.

Supporting women in business in the Muskoka community is also very important to me. People in Muskoka truly want to see each other thrive and do well. It’s so inspiring to see everyone build each other up!

Q: What are some of your favourite things to do in the Muskoka region? What are your favourite places to visit?

When I’m not working I love immersing myself in the community. In the winter I love skiing and snowboarding at Hidden Valley and skating at Arrowhead. In the summer I love outdoor patio dining, hanging out at the lake, and going on long hikes at Limberlost Forest. I also love to shop local at stores such as Sustain Eco Store, Muskoka Lighting Store, Decorated on Main, Kelly’s Home Furniture and many more.