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There is No ‘Best’ Season to Sell your Home or Cottage


Winter Real Estate Listing


Traditionally, the spring season has been known as the ideal season for selling your property. It’s a more appealing time of year temperature-wise and people are generally more interested in making a move. However, today’s market is far from traditional as home sales continue to defy normal seasonal trends.

Listing now could be a strategic move as we continue to experience a seller’s market, with more buyers than homes available. Less competition, an influx of motivated buyers matched with the current market in Muskoka, are all reasons why listing now could work to your advantage.


1. Less Competition


Less competition allows your property the chance to really stand out to serious buyers. With a short supply of inventory, there are fewer options for potential buyers to choose from. Instead of competing with similar properties, your home will draw attention from motivated buyers looking in your neighbourhood.


2. Motivated Buyers


Fewer homes on market and a large number of motivated buyers can be an effective strategy for a successful sale at market value prices. This year, there are still many buyers eagerly seeking a home/cottage property. This is due to previous listings selling too fast and/or being outbid on offers made in 2021. Motivated buyers are also often more serious about purchasing a new home or cottage at this time, and ready to make an offer.


3. Current Market


Muskoka continues to be a popular place for individuals and families to want to live, work, and play, whether year-round or seasonally, yet available inventory has always been a challenge. In 2021 the Muskoka real estate market became even more competitive and saturated with motivated buyers.

With the current market conditions, motivated buyers are still looking for their dream property (home or cottage), making it a great time to take advantage if you are considering selling. In addition, we’re seeing many out-of-town and investor buyers seeking a Muskoka property right now. While they have the luxury of time on their side (and may not need to move right NOW), they’re still on the lookout for their next purchase. This is especially true when it comes to a waterfront property in Muskoka.