Welcome Molly


I’ve (thankfully) reached a point in my career where I need more support.

Delivering an exceptional client experience has been the foundation of my business. As my business has grown, I have acknowledged that my capacity to maintain a certain quality of service has its limits.

Understanding my strengths and recognizing the strengths in others are essential to how I aim to operate a business focused on you, without diluting the service I provide.

An impromptu text message turned into a 5 hour coffee meeting, which eventually turned into a collaboration.

I am very excited to introduce Molly Paulsen, REALTOR® who will be joining me. Molly has an innate desire to help people, is extremely detail oriented, knowledgeable, kind, attentive, and just a fabulous human being.

My mantra “More in 2024” is already proving true as I continue to be surrounded by like minded people on a journey towards excellence in all we do.

C. 705.788.4894

A. 2-59 Main Street East, Huntsville, ON