6 Events Across North America

My Carry-On has been put to the test!

It’s hard to believe, but a whole year has passed! The cliché “time flies” couldn’t be more accurate.

Throughout the past year, my focus has been on networking, building relationships, continuous education, and the pursuit of becoming not only a better Realtor but the best version of myself. In 2023, I had the privilege of attending six Masterminds, Installations, and Conferences across North America, spanning from the vibrant streets of New York City to the scenic landscapes of Niagara Falls.

Inman Connect – Las Vegas August 2023

In the midst of global challenges like rising interest rates, inflation, housing affordability concerns, and heart-wrenching conflicts, it’s essential to reflect on the key takeaways from these impactful events. Three concepts stand out prominently: Mindset, Value, and Relationships.

FUBCON 2023 Los Angeles

Mindset emerged as a recurring theme in all the events I participated in. The significance of a solid personal foundation cannot be overstated. In challenging times, our mindset is the one thing we have control over. How we show up for ourselves, the way we talk to ourselves, and our investments in personal growth are paramount to both personal and professional success.

Follow Up Boss Mastermind – Scottsdale Arizona March 2023

Value and its delivery to people play a crucial role in navigating today’s competitive market. As we exchange our time and currency for value, it’s essential to understand that everyone perceives value differently. Yet, the universal satisfaction derived from making decisions with confidence and clarity remains constant.

Ninja Installation – Fort Collins, CO April 2023

In a world where social interaction often occurs through screens, the importance of Relationships has never been more evident. Genuine connections stand out in a landscape where external influences constantly try to shape who we should be. During these events, I encountered some of the most relentless and innovative leaders, all of whom radiated authenticity.

As we approach the conclusion of 2023 and prepare for 2024, I anticipate more opportunities for growth and expansion. The more people I meet, the more I learn, and consequently, the more I grow. I firmly believe in the principle of a better ME contributing to a better WE. Here’s to continuous improvement and embracing the exciting possibilities that the future holds.

~ Kim